Defiant forces continue to catalyze Kashmir violence

Harbans S Nagokay

Even when the state and central governments are working hard to bring peace in Kashmir, some defiant forces are hell bent to catalyze the situation by taking advantage of the prevailing violence.

The Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has said a handful of people opposed to peace were inciting youth to violence in the Kashmir Valley.

She also welcomed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement that dialogue is important for a lasting solution.

“We welcome Prime Minister’s statement. We also want a lasting solution. Wherever needed, we will cooperate,” she said.

CM Mehbooba thanked the people of Jammu for maintaining peace and harmony at a time the valley was scarred by violence.

Though, the CM has cleared the intentions of the government of not surrendering before anti-nations, but the situation in Kashmir continues to deteriorate.

Sixty-nine people including two cops have died in the unrest that began on the day Hizb-ul-Mujahideen commander Burhan Wani was killed in an encounter with government forces on July 8 last month.

Undermining the efforts of the state government of controlling the situation in Kashmir, some self proclaimed intellectuals are playing the role of catalyzer by issuing ‘irrelevant’ statements.

“Renowned columnist and renowned Indian civil society member Prem Shankar Jha, out of the proportion came into scene to suggest the governments that time has come for India to rewind the Kashmir Clock back to 1947 and give maximum freedom to state of Jammu and Kashmir. “Kashmir is in danger of spinning out of control. If Prime Minister Narendra Modi will not act, Kashmir will slip away from India. The best option available with India is to rewind the clock back to 1947 and by doing so, Kashmir will get freedom and at the same time the bond between India and Kashmir will not get disconnected. India must bring back Article 370 in its original shape that connects Kashmir with India through Defence, Communication, Foreign Affairs.”

Following the line of defiance, many government employees came on streets to protest the rule. The agitation of the employees came after the government summoned them to join back to their duties, which shows that government employees were reluctant to join back duties.

Scores of government employees led by Employees Joint Action Committee (EJAC) president Abdul Qayoom Wani assembled at Press Enclave Srinagar. Carrying placards and banner seeking a blanket ban on the use of pellet guns the employees tried to march towards city centre Lal Chowk. Police Monday arrested dozens of government employees after they tried to protest against recent government circular and unabated use of pellets on protesters across Kashmir Valley.

Moreover, medical Staff of various hospitals across valley held a symbolic protest against the use of Pellet Guns and the consistent harassment and assault on medical staff while performing their duties.

All these events are further aggravating the situation in Kashmir, therefore the state as well as central government have to look after it.

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