Delay leads to Rs 260 crore cost escalation, centre seeks fresh DPR

Delays continues to plague construction of much hyped ‘Ring Roads’ in two capital cities of the state, with estimated cost escalating to whooping Rs 260 crore.

The project, envisaged in 2015, was initially estimated to cost Rs 3000 crore, but due to delay in the construction of the mega project, the cost has escalated to Rs 3260 crore. However, to a great relief for the state government, the center has agreed to support 100 percent project, which was earlier consented upon 90:10 ratio.

According to sources, following 2014 flash floods, the state government contemplated to launch prestigious Ring Road projects for both capital cities of the State to ease traffic congestion as long term measures. “State Government envisaged developing Ring Road in Jammu as well as Srinagar city to ease increasing traffic congestion. For this a Detailed Project Report worth Rs 3000 crore was prepared, including Rs 1350 crores for Jammu and Rs 1650 crores for Srinagar,” sources said and added that the matter was taken up with the National Highway Authority of India.

They further maintained that following a delay of over one year, the cost of the project has been escalated to Rs 260 crore, while as the project is in no sight. Sources, however, said that the Union government has agreed to give 100 percent support to the project.

“Union Ministry for Surface Transport and Highways has approved two semi ring roads at the cost of Rs 3260 crores and announced that entire construction cost of the roads will be borne by Centre,” said sources, adding that the minister also announced to bear 90 per cent cost of land acquisition and utility.

“Out of Rs 3260 crores to be spent on semi-ring roads, Rs 1860 crores have been approved for Srinagar and Rs 1400 crores for Jammu,” sources said. They added that Jammu ring road will have 57 kilometers length and Srinagar 60 kilometers.

It may be mentioned here that the construction of ring roads in Jammu and Srinagar cities to overcome traffic congestion was long pending demand of the people of both the capital cities.  Moreover, to avail the 100 percent support for the project, the state government has been asked to prepare fresh DPR, which would be tiresome for the state government.

“The Union Ministry has asked the state Government to immediately come out with Detailed Project Reports (DPRs), site plans, areas from where the roads would pass through and all other requisite formalities before release of funds to acquire land and start the construction work,” sources said and added that the roads will be constructed by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) and preliminary survey on the project has been completed and the process for the land acquisition would be shortly taken up.

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