Delete ‘J&K Agenda’ from UNSC

Much water has flown down the rivers all these 72 years when consequent upon Pakistani aggression on Kashmir in 1947 which was camouflaged as ‘Qabayli’ or tribesmen invasion by it, when the United Nations Security Council added into its agenda of issues -the Kashmir conflict. Not only did Pakistan not adhere to the provisions of the Resolution No.47 of the UNSC and did not withdraw its troops from the occupied areas of Jammu and Kashmir but kept altering the status-quo-ante by ‘gifting’ parts of the areas of Kashmir occupied to China and corroborated with it in respect of the passage of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor through Gilgit – Baltistan in Pakistan occupied Kashmir which is Indian territory and this move was a blatant challenge to the sovereignty of India. For the last more than three decades, that country has been sponsoring, funding and supporting terrorism based on extreme fundamentalism, hate, drugs and promoting money laundering. Pakistan was responsible for large scale terror related violence in Jammu and Kashmir and was thus a threat to peace, tranquillity and stability. Never has Pakistan , therefore, honoured and implemented any agreement, pact, understanding of any sort and thus causing the UN not implementing its own resolutions and decisions on the ”situation” in Jammu and Kashmir.
Based on these facts, among many others, the so called Kashmir issue or ‘conflict’ has become redundant, irrelevant and superfluous. Looking to these ground factors, India has called for permanently removing the issue of Jammu and Kashmir under the ”outdated agenda item” of the India- Pakistan question from the Security Council’s agenda. The issue has been termed as ”irrational exuberance” by India asserting that there were no takers of it in the dignified world. Needless to add, Pakistan has been misleading the international opinion about its so called claim to Jammu and Kashmir. It may be recalled, based on historical facts and as the position of the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir was on August 15, 1947, partition of the country on communal lines had got nothing to do in order to alter any position with Jammu and Kashmir. The accession was done by its rightful ruler which again had no provisions whatsoever in respect of effecting any territorial changes to the whole of Jammu and Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan etc. By a treacherous act of aggression by Pakistan and to occupy a large area of the then state as a consequence, made no material basis of any sort of claim to any part of its territory by it, which belongs to India.
Pakistan draws its cosmetic strength from the support of its ”all weather ally” expansionist China and both together, keep on pressing for a discussion on the issue in the UN. The travesty and the funniest thing about the issue is that Pakistani delegation has been repeatedly attempting, though in utter vain, to rebrand itself as contributing to international peace while the entire world knows that Pakistan was a terror hub rather a fountainhead of terrorism and dreaded terrorist like Osama Bin Laden was found in Pakistan enjoying all patronage and protection while that country kept claiming total innocence about his whereabouts. In respect of other terrorists of global notoriety, less said the better about not only their presence but activities in and from Pakistan to foment terror violence in India. Pakistan’s envoy had recently again raked up the issue and keeping pushing for discussions an outdated and stale issue of Kashmir while the Council had met thrice during the last one year to ‘consider’ the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. To put it in concise form, all the discussions in the Council had ended without any outcome and thus the UNSC too must deduce that the outdated issue at best had the status of a bilateral nature between the two countries rather than discussing it at international platforms. India, thus, is within its rights, to call for deleting the said protracted (non) issue of Jammu and Kashmir from its agenda.