Delhi gangrape: My constituency the most unsafe place, says Aman Vihar AAP MLA

“Five lakh population and one small police station, law and order situation is out of control, rapes and assault is a common thing, my constituency is one of the most unsafe place in Delhi to be” said AAP MLA, Rituraj of Aman Vihar constituency. If people’s representative sounds so helpless one can imagine what will be the plight of the citizens of this locality in Delhi.

Two teenage girls, 17 and 18 were allegedly gang-raped in front of their male friends in Delhi reminding nothing has changed on the streets of Delhi even after introducing a stringent rape law after the famous Nirbhaya incident.

“We talk of smart cities, we talk of ‘beti bachao, beti padhao’ but the dark side of national capital visits more than often to remind how unsafe and unsmart the city is for its citizens,” he said. According to the resident girls in Aman Vihar’s most localities stay inside the house after 5-6 pm in the evening as it is known for different kind of activities like robbing, rape, molestation, assault, eve teasing, murder and nothing can be changed. “No police have ever visited here for patrolling or to address the problems we raised,” said a resident.

“The girls and boys were first beaten up, were dragged  for about 100 meters and then the gang of guys took turn to rape the girls. When the boys objected, the accused boys assaulted them too.” said another resident.

The locals say the girls worked in a factory and were there to take a break and chat with their friends in this park was their daily affair. “The two girls used to work in a shoe factory and while returning would often sit in the park, rest and chat with friends” said Vaibhav, a local.

According to the locals, the accused are anti socials who live in the neighbouring locality, these kind of activities are part of system in this area. They say, the same gang of guys have molested some other women earlier too, but the victims had not reported the matter to the cops to avoid social stigma.

The MLA said that he had reiterated the terrible condition of Aman Vihar and the need of a proper police station to the centre but all attempts were futile. “It is not possible for me to alone change the situation, law and order has fallen apart in my constituency for which we need more police and police stations” said Rituraj. He added since the police works under the Center they are handicapped after a point.

“There are hundreds of rapes which go unreported from Aman Vihar because they don’t file a FIR but they come to me and cry. They fear social and legal hassles but always cry for desperate help. In this particular rape incident who will help them, the girls are extremely poor. One of the girl have recently lost her parents and no one is there to help them” asks MLA, Rituraj

Aman Vihar police station team identified four accused and arrested them and tracked the fifth person who reportedly led the youth. On sustained interrogation, the accused boys admitted to raping the girls. They pleaded they were minors and police are verifying their ages.

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