Delhi MCD polls prove anti-incumbency

Dear Editor,
Return of Congress bagging five (4+1) out of the thirteen seats of three Municipal Corporations in Delhi with till-now dominating BJP becoming the worst loser with just three seats won in the by-polls for civic bodies proves beyond doubt about anti-incumbency factor (including corruption) being the biggest factor in any elections. Another drawback is that people at times have to elect best out of worst candidates put before them by different political parties.
It is time that massive and consolidated poll-reforms now pending for decades despite so many committees formed and repeated recommendations from Election Commission may be soon legislated which should also incorporate ‘Right-To-Reject’ with riders. Every candidate losing to ‘NOTA’ (None-of-the-above) may be debarred from contesting any election in life-time. In case of ‘NOTA’ winning the elections, re-election may be held in that constituency.
However ‘NOTA’ button may be disabled in re-election caused by ‘NOTA’ winning the election in first phase to avoid chain of re-elections likely to be caused by ‘NOTA’ winning re-election also.
Then Political parties then will be forced to put best candidates before the voters to develop an ideal situation
when ‘NOTA’ in itself may become irrelevant. In present system ‘NOTA’ is just theoretical with no practical impact on election-results.
Also Mayor, Deputy Mayor and others elected by councillors should be elected by secret and compulsory votes on nominations signed by at least 34-percent councillors for ensuring political parties to field such candidates which may be acceptable to other rival parties too.
Councillors not participating in such voting may lose
their voting right in civic body even though retaining
membership. Any such elected office-bearer may only be removed through no-confidence motion passed in same process but with compulsion to name alternate office-bearer in the same motion.
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