Delhi police release all 10 men suspected for ‘links’ to JeM

The 10 men detained by Delhi Police for suspected ideological leaning towards banned outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) have now been released due to lack of adequate evidence.

While four of them were released on Saturday after they were reportedly counselled and de-redicalised, guardians of the remaining six released on Monday had to give undertakings ensuring that their wards will be on the “right path” henceforth.

Delhi Police’s anti-terrorism unit Special Cell had picked up 13 men from Delhi and UP after a series of late night raids on May 3, following which three — Sajid, Sameer Ahmed, and Shakir Ansari — were arrested and the remaining 10 detained for questioning.

“The remaining six youths have been let off with the condition that they have to make themselves available for questioning whenever summoned. Their guardians have given undertaking that they will make sure the boys lead their lives in the right path in future,” Special Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) Arvind Deep said.

Their is no arrangement with psychiatrist for the six unlike the other four who have to visit a clinical psychologist on a regular basis. The psychologist will provide the investigators with a report on their progress every week, he said.

Police sources said the youths were released after no evidence of their direct involvement in either making the IEDs or being a part of a larger operation was found. During the investigation, the chats on their WhatsApp accounts and Facebook messenger were analysed. But nothing incriminating was found.

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