Delhi’s minorities will vote for BJP: Dr Jitendra

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Jammu Tawi, April 21
Union Minister of State PMO, Dr Jitendra Singh said here that Delhi’s minorities will vote for BJP in the ensuing Municipal Corporation election.
Dr Jitendra Singh was addressing a largely attended public meeting in the Seelampur Municipal Ward of Delhi East, which comprises of a mixed population of Hindus and Muslims. He said, in the earlier elections leaders of different political parties have come and bluffed the voters here in the name of religion, but this time, the voter has become much wiser and the Seelampur Ward is certain to create a new history by voting for the BJP candidate Seema Sharma.
With BJP-led governments in 13 States and BJP alliance governments in 4 States, in addition to the government at the Centre, Dr Jitendra Singh said, the members of minority communities are feeling reassured than ever before and also feeling convinced that no other party but BJP can safeguard their interest better while the parties like Congress only try to exploit them in the name of so called ‘secularism’. This new awakening, he said, is evident from the manner in which some of the top minority community leaders in Delhi have started deserting Congress and are joining the BJP rank and file.
The youth voter of Delhi, Dr Jitendra Singh said, which is a decisive factor, has risen above all considerations of cast, creed or religion, and wants to be a part of the development journey
spearheaded by BJP under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi.
The youth of Delhi, he said, are wise enough to find their stakes safest and most promising with BJP and this will be proved when the results of Corporation polls are
out on 26th.

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