Demand to declassify files on Shyama Prasa Mukherjee new:Omar

Working president of the main opposition National Conference (NC) Omar Abdullah said demand by Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) to declassify files on Bhartiya Jana Sngh (BJS) founder Syama Prasad Mukherkee  was never heard before.
He was indirectly referring that the demand has been raised after because BJP entered into coalition with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the muslim majority state of Jammu and Kashmir, where later Mukherjee died in detention after he entered the state without ” permit” in 1953 when his grandfather was Prime Minister.
Taking to micro blogging site Twitter former Chief Minister said ” This is a new one. Haven’t heard this demand before”.
Mr Abdullah was reacting to a tweet which read ” BJP to ask J&K govt to declassify files on Bharatiya Jana Sangh founder Shyama Prasad Mookherjee’s death”.
However, Mr Abdullah’s tweet evoked mixed response.  One tweet said ” There is always a first time for things, Omar while another reads “you don’t hear somethings when too busy on Twitter”.
There is a first time for everything while another tweet said ” For BJP, people associated with Sangh, directly or indirectly, are a national treasure. Others traitors & antinationals”.   Mr Mukherjee joined the union cabinet formed by Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru and took over the portfolio of Industries and Supplies.
However, he resigned in protest against the killings of East Bengal hindus in April 1950   Founded BJS he frequently clashed with the government for lending his support to the movement of Praja Parishad in Jammu for full intergration of the  Jammu and Kashmir with the Indian Union.   Gave a clarion call to the nation to observe” Kashmir Day” on the 5th May in support of the movement of the Praja Parishad.
Left Delhi on the 8th May 8, 1953 on way to Kashmir. Entered Kashmir on May 11and was arrested and put under detention at Srinagar along with Guru Dutt Vaid and Tekchand Sharma for entering the state without “Permit” as law demanded then. Any person from India had to seek “Permit” before entering the state. However, Sheikh Abdullah was removed and jailed by the union government and Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad was made Prime Minister.
Mr Mukherjee was admitted to Nursing Home after he fell seriously ill on June 22,1953. However, he passed away on June 23 at 0230 hrs

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