Demonetisation move is ‘hasty, unplanned and needs major corrections: ex PM HD Gowda

New Delhi, December 1
Former Prime Minister H D Deve Gowda has expressed concerns over the situation arising out of the demonetisation of high currency notes of Rs 1,000 and Rs 500 and said the step had been initiated in a hasty and unplanned manner and poor and working classes were the worst affected. Taking a strong exception to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s repeated observations that the nation suffered menace of black money and corruption during last 70 years, Gowda said such “sweeping comments” should not be made by him as there were many Prime Ministers in the past who had fought against scourge of corruption and did not allow corrupt practices during their regimes. He laced his comments by quoting examples of his tenure and the Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s regimes. Gowda said he had ruled the country for more than 13 months and headed 13 parties United Front coalition at the centre and no charge was levied against his governance. An anguished Godwa said whenever the Prime Minister makes such observations in public, impression goes viral that everyone in the previous regimes was corrupt and that such an approach sends wrong signals from the top and the entire opposition was tainted in one stroke.
Lending his full support to the Prime Minister’s moves against the black money, Gowda said full-fledged measures should have been placed in advance to avoid such confusion ? now seen outside banks, ATMs and other places. Farmers were worst affected in the sowing season. Every day, the Government was resorting to new guidelines ever since the demonetisation was announced on November 8 and such steps were shaking people’s faith in the banking system and that was not healthy.
The opposition was left battered, humiliated and sidelined, Gowda said and observed that healthy democracy could not afford such approach and everyone must be taken on board to meet financial challenges, the country is faced with.
Gowda said the real impact of the policy would be visible by mid of January and the government must initiate a large number of steps to ensure that the common people do not suffer, as those, who have money bags, were able to manage in all circumstances. Refusing to elaborate on the political importance of the step, he said those who were trying to link municipal elections results- in some states where the BJP has won as result of the euphoria among people post demonetisation –were wrong in their inference as the polls were announced
much before.

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