Dengue alarm bell rings at Jammu

Dengue fever, a viral infection, which causes severe bone ache, flu-like symptoms and in rare cases can be fatal, is knocking door at Jammu.
A youth from Sanjay Nagar of Jammu City, admitted at Gandhi Nagar Hospital has been detected confirmed Dengue case. This is the first case of dengue in Jammu in this season.
In addition, two youths originally belonging to Vikas Nagar and Talab Tillo, presently residing at Delhi, were also confirmed as Dengue cases.
There is also apprehension of rising more dengue cases in the days to come if local administration did not wake up at this time.
According to Director Health, Dr BS Pathania, all districts hospitals baring Kishtwar, Gandhi Nagar and Medical College are having facility of detecting Dengue cases.
Cases of dengue fever usually rise during and just after the rainy season or June through October in our country. Global dengue infections have increased rapidly in recent years. The U.N.’s World Health Organization estimates there are 50 million to 100 million cases annually and 40 percent of the world’s population is at risk of getting the disease.
Since rainy season is likely to be over, it is high time that Health Department of J&K should gear up its resources to meet the challenge.
Last year, several dengue cases came to light in Jammu province but lives were saved due to timely reporting of patients at the Hospital and further treatment given by the concerned hospital authorities. The monsoon, which brings potholes and puddles of dirty water to the streets of the city, exacerbates the problem, because it provides more breeding grounds for the insect. The dengue carrying mosquito does not confine itself to poorer areas.
So there is threat of breaking out of dengue fever. Health Department of J&K state should gear up its resources to meet the challenge.
Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) in collaboration with Health Department should launch spraying drive in all drainage, nullah and low lying areas in Jammu city at the war footing.
In addition, abundant medicines and infrastructures related to dengue fever should be made available in all district hospitals, Primary Health Centres, local dispensaries and civil market.
There is an urgent need to issue advisory to all private clinics to admit dengue cases, give first aid and if serious then refer to government hospitals.
The concerted efforts of local body and Health Department would help to combat dengue and save innocent lives.
Moreover the people have also to play a key role in keeping their surrounding areas neat and clean. They should dry up pot holes filled with dirty water to the nearest areas.
If any member of family feel fever, he or she should be immediately taken to the nearest hospital for treatment. Local administration should leave no stone unturned in creating awareness by launching campaign with print ads, hoardings around the city.
What is worrying is that dengue threat is looming large which needs to be combat with cooperation of both government and the people.

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