Deport Rohingyas or get ready to face consequences: Shiv Sena

Newspint Bureau
Jammu Tawi, April 13
Expressing shock over the criminal silence of the BJP leaders from Jammu on the illegal settlement of Rohingyas and Bangladeshis in Jammu and its out skirts, Shiv Sena ( Bala Sahib Thackery has demanded immediate deportation of these foreigners. Addressing the media persons, Dimpy Kohli, state president alleged that interestingly the BJP leaders and activists who used to project such issues when in opposition, are now keeping mum on illegal settlement of over 11,000 Rohingyas/ Bangladeshis in Jammu and it’s adjoining areas, just for the lust of power. They have sold out the interests of Jammu to the Coalition partner from Kashmir.
He said that on one side, West Pakistani Refugees who had been settled in Jammu in the year 1947 after partition of India are not even entitled to cast their vote in the Assembly elections and are moving from pillar to post for want of identity proof of being residents of J&K State, on the other hand people who have immigrated from Bangladesh and Myanmmar are settled in Jammu with many having all residential proofs as well.

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