“Deputation of Rehri’s/Fari Association Jammu Calls on Sham Lal Sharma”

Today a deputation of Rehri’s and Fari association Jammu called on Sr Vice President JKPCC & Former Minister Congress Sham lal Sharma and expressed their grieviances regarding uprooting their Rehri’s and Fari’s from the area were they had been for the last more than 40 years by Jammu Muncipal Corporation.
The Deputation said that new zones had been created on places were there is virtually very less or no moment of customers and this has resulted into reduction in sale of their items.Due to this arbitrary decision it has become difficult for them to make both ends meet.
With this decision most of us will have no option but to leave the business for obvious reasons.
Sham lal gave them patient hearing to their problems and said that before taking the decision the govt should have kept in mind that their livelihood isn’t affected with this action.
He further said that J&K state is known as a Welfare state because there are no big industrial houses and vast job avenues,the people are doing small business like Rehri’s,Fari’s in Jammu and some are absorbed in Govt jobs. The Govt should have given thought to the hardships,particularly financial hardships of these Rehri’s wala before executing such decision.
Sham said that these Rehri’s and Fari’s wala are fully dependent on their petty business with which they have to feed their family and also look their school going child.
He alleged that the decision on policy matters by BJP PDP Govt are not people friendly due to which the people are facing great hardships.
The people had great expectations from BJP and that is why they voted this party for their betterment but the hopes of the people have been shattered and the things have become from bad to worst due to wrong and unfriendly policies of the present Govt.”he added.
Sham said that the slogan given by the top leader of BJP that “NA KHAUNGA AUR NA KHANEDUNGA”has proved suitable in this context and the BJP’s Housing and Urban Development Minister is following the same slogan by taking away livelihood of these poor Rehri’s and Fari’s walas so they aren’t in position to feed their family.

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