Deputy CM’s ‘No Show’ irked local people at Bani

Infuriated by the persistent absence of Deputy Nirmal Singh during his scheduled public meetings at Bani, the local people at village raised anti- BJP slogans for its casual approach towards the electorate and cowardly surrenders before the Kashmiri leadership .
Pawan Dev Singh State Secy Young Panthers revealed that at village Dhaggar in Bani Dy. Nirmal Singh was supposed to address the scheduled public rally on Friday but he did not turn up and left the people guessing without any reason. He said that it had happened for the second time in the past fifteen days when previously similar incident happened during Bani Mela. Pawan Dev divulged that in the previous incident the BJP workers had invited the people to attend Dr. Nirmal Singh’s meeting at 12 noon in presence of local MLA Jeevan Lal. The people waited for the leaders but fearing a delay, the workers further made the people to wait till 3 p.m by citing some technical fault in Deputy Chief Minister’s helicopter.
Later, it came to fore that the Dy. CM was at Mehbooba’s Mufti’s residence rejoicing her victory in the by-election while the local MLA was lied to the people by giving fake excuses for his absence.
Pawan Dev said similar incident took place today as well at Dhaggar.
He said that the local MLA was quite aware that people don’t assemble on the call of BJP workers when such meetings for the saffron party leaders were organised recently. He said that the BJP workers first invited the people by drum beating to assemble for the meeting and after sensing the negligible presence of the audience, they made lame excuses one after the other to notify the cancellation of the programme.
Betrayed by the BJP leaders, the people present at the venue started raising slogans against Dr. Nirmal Singh and the local MLA. He said that the incident took an ugly turn when the BJP workers threatened the people of dire consequences if they did not stop shouting slogans. They even bullied with few govt. employees who had also assembled there to listen to BJP leaders. Pawan Dev Singh made a fervent appeal to the local administration to ensure safety of the govt. employees otherwise JKNPP shall be forced to protest outside the SDM office Bani and if the need arose they would intensify their agitation in Jammu for the cause of Bani people.

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