Despite ban, sale of Chinese string goes on unabated

Nagender Jamwal
The orders banning Chinese string are being openly violated as it is openly available at shops in the Jammu city. The deadly Chinese ‘dor’ becomes the cause of grievous injuries to residents and birds. The district administration has issued orders banning the sale, purchase and hoarding of the Chinese string. In contrast to the traditional strings used in India, Chinese thread is made of nylon, with a metal coating giving it extra strength and sharpness.
Several incidents of injury to people due to this string have been reported across the country. There also have been instances where birds have fallen to the sharpness of the Chinese thread.
Government Medical College sources said, “Commuters are most vulnerable. A slight contact with the thread while on move can cause severe injuries. In some cases, people have received grievous injuries. It is also a big threat to birds.” Traditionally, special strings are made for kite flying. It involves a thin cotton thread which is treated with a paste made of glue and finely powdered glass to make it strong.
Ahead of the festive season, hundreds of people from Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh set up temporary shops on roadside, in parks and other available space and prepare thousands of meters of cotton thread used for kite flying. These people work for weeks together to provide the thread a cutting edge.
The deadly string is being sold here in a clandestine manner. “You ask for it from a shopkeeper and you would be given a packet carrying the banned string in a watchful manner lest someone would complain to the police,” shared a teenager.
Amit Kumar, student of University of Jammu said the ban on Chinese string should be strictly enforced as it had been the cause of a number of accidents. Some accidents have been fatal as well. The offenders should be punished severely so that it acts as a deterrent for other shopkeepers; he said and added that despite ban, the killer string is available at several shops at city for sale. Vimal Gupta said, “The ban order issued by the district administration is not enough. This is not acting as deterrent to illegal sellers of the deadly string. Every year, a ban is imposed on the sale and storage of the Chinese string in Jammu. But there is no respite for innocent people falling victim to it.”
Sources said that the administration had issued orders prohibiting the sale, use and storage of plastic string (China Dor) but after that the use and sale of Chinese string increasing day by day.
Its effectiveness largely depends on its strict enforcement. In view of the safety of the people, especially of children, these orders deserve to be followed in letter and spirit by one and all. Administration should visit educational institutions and organise lectures to highlight the ill effects of the deadly string. In public interest, shopkeepers should desist from its sale. As a helping hand, anybody noticing the storage and sale of the string by unscrupulous elements should immediately inform the police for suitable action.
SSP Jammu, Dr Sunil Gupta was not available for the comments as he did not pick up the calls on his mobile phone and same is the case of
District Development Commissioner,
Simrandeep Singh.

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