Developing cremation-ground for super VVIPs

Dear editor,

It refers to news about a privileged cremation ground being developed at Delhi for cremating super VVIPs like serving and former Presidents, Vice presidents, Prime Ministers and non-defined ‘others’. Undoubtedly security-norms do require cremation of those being attended by Indian and foreign dignitaries, to be done at some place away from normal cremation-grounds with easy access to commoners.

Idea also feels sound to avoid further allocation of precious prime-land for developing new ‘samadhis’.

But Discrimination even after death in cremation of super VVIPs and commoners could have been better avoided by making it a system to cremate such super-privileged VVIPs at less-used Brar Square Cremation Ground (New Delhi) rather than most used Nigambodh Ghat cremation ground at Delhi.

Moreover it is unfair that only persons with political background may be taken as super VVIPs to be honoured with privileged cremation. Union government should specifically define persons to be honoured with super-privileged cremation rather than keeping it open as ‘others’ to avoid misuse by prevailing political rulers and others for their favourites and mentors.



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