DF&SS holds protest against non-issuing of land for Sainik colony

The workers of Dogra Front and Shiv Sena  (DF&SS) under the leadership of Ashok Gupta took out a protest in Jammu city against the non issuing of land and the politics played on the sainik colony in the valley.  The party representatives were carrying banners in there hands stating that the army belongs to the nation, when the army personal stands on the border he doesn’t raises a question that he is from Maharashtra and why he is standing on the border in Kashmir. When the army men serves his nation as a whole and unconditionally than why there is hesitation among the state government towards the allotment of land for the Sainik Colony.

Gupta condemned the statement of the people who are defying homes to the army man and appeals to the CM for the speedy allotment of land keeping it under the personal watch so that there should be no beaurocratic and ground level hassles.  The party people who were present at the time of protest were Surinder, Roop lal, Sukhdev, Ram Paul, Veeru, Bantu, Abhishek and various others were present

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