Diet and Exercise tribute to Healthy Heart: Dr Sushil

In a bid to keep awareness drive on keeping heart healthy, Department of Cardiology of Government Medical College and Super-Speciality Hospital (GMCH&SSH) Jammu today reached out to the residents of Rehari area of Jammu city.
Head Department of Cardiology Dr Sushil K Sharma, a team of doctors, Paramedics and volunteers held a day-long Cardiac Awareness Camp at Gurdwara Shri Kalgidar Rehari Chungi, Jammu.
A long queue of patients was seen waiting eagerly to get their cardiac health checked.The team had been invited by Pradhan of the Gurdwara Commitee to screen inhabitants so that those suffering from the cardiac ailments get informed and start following a strict diet, medicine and exercise schedule. The team looked at more than 150 inhabitants who had turned up to get screened by the team of doctors about the prevalence of cardiac disease. Suspected patients with symptoms of heart disease were advised blood-sugar, BP and cholesterol tests, which they got done at the venue by trained and experienced team of paramedics. HOD Cardiology Dr. Sushil Sharma advised the inhabitants to keep an eye on their heart. “Heart disease is killing people all over the globe. The role of diet is crucial in the development and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Diet is one of the key things you can change that will impact on all other cardiovascular risk factors. Comparisons between a diet low in saturated fats with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and the typical diet of someone living in the developed world show that there is 73% reduction in the risk of new major cardiac events.
He further stressed that it is important to note that if your total fat intake is greater than 37% of total calories, then even if that fat is unsaturated you increase your risk of CVD. Saturated fat intake should not exceed 10% of total energy and for high-risk groups, like people with diabetes; total fat intake should be 7% or less of total energy.
He advised the inhabitants to reduced intake of fat rich diet, transfatty acids and includes lot of fiber rich foods in daily routine. “Fiber rich food, natural intake of omega-3 fatty acids, fresh fruits and vegetables are the cornerstone of preventing and reversing coronary heart diseases. Desires should never be allowed to decide future course of your life. Dedication and discipline required, if you are a Heart patient. “Junk food you have craved for an hour, or the body you have craved for a life time? Your Decision,” Dr. Sushil said. Members of the Gurdwara Committee S. Jagjit Singh, S. Jaswant Singh, S. Harbans Singh, S. Rangil Singh thanked Dr Sushil and his team for organising such camp in their Gurdwara and wished them success in their mission.
The team of Dr Sushil included Dr Mohi Kalsotra, Dr Achint Singh,
Dr Anitipal Singh and
Dr Dhaneshwar Kapoor. Technicians, Paramedics and volunteers who aided the team of doctors in their work included S. Waryam Singh, Kamal Kishore, Kashmiri Lal, Sanjay Sharma, Gaurav Sharma, Vikas Kumar, Aman Gupta, Rajeev Vohra, Deepak, Gautam, Harvinder Singh and Lokesh Kumar.

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