‘Dilapidated’ condition of Bhaderwah roads expose claims of successive governments

Even as all political leaders included of BJP , Congress and PDP is making tall claims of making Bhaderwah town as a tourist hub, however, the dilapidated conditions of most of the interior roads including some of the major ones for quite some time deflates the declaration since poor basic infrastructure can never make a Bhaderwah a ‘dream tourist destination’.While most of the legislators in present and previous years advocate tourism promotion in Bhaderwah but even after assuming power in the state all failed to live up to the expectations of the Bhaderwah people who were given a whole lot of promises to augment the tourism sector.

From the last so many years all MLAs from Bhaderwah gave assurance that Bhaderwah town will be developed as a major tourist hub but Legislators must be told that until and unless the basic infrastructure like roads are not improved such announcements will remain insignificant.Leaders need to put in some serious as well as concerted efforts to improve the deteriorating thoroughfares within the town.

The condition of most of the internal roads in Bhaderwah is pathetic. Bad roads make it difficult to drive on certain stretches particularly when one hits various portions non Bhaderwah Chamba Bani road and Doda Bhaderwah road which no less than a hell.Because of the delay in repair of roads, the commuters have no other option but to avoid them in order to keep their vehicles free from developing any faults.Apart from the severely potholed condition of the roads, the Bhaderwah residents also suffer from growing traffic that has made the roads congested, while indiscriminate parking of vehicles on both sides of the roads has added to their woes.During rains, the dilapidated roads turn into cesspools.


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