Disappointed with government

Dear Editor,
Though I am a strong supporter of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, I am disappointed with the massive gap between the promises made and the results. Two years have been marked by sloganeering and empty rhetoric; nothing has changed on the ground. Most of us have spent the time dreaming about ‘achhe din’. The achievements of the government do not match the massive celebrations and publicity. The “report card” would have been more credible had it listed the failures first and then focussed on attempts to work towards set goals. There is simply no serious concern on many pressing issues. Is the listing of five crore LPG connections and an equal number of LED bulb connections such a great achievement? The nation is huge, challenges one too many, and the burning issues, aplenty. Citing figures does not show reality. And whose money is being spent on the large-scale advertising?
Navendu Sharma
Gangyal, Jammu

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