Do not destroy your life in smokes

Whether it is smoking, drinking wine or only Chewing Paan, none is beneficial for your health. The meaning is to say that consuming these substances on a regular basis, will negatively affect health, face, teeth, skin, inside and outside of the body, and clothes etc. It as also been said that ‘the result of bad deeds will be bad’.
Any human being who does not smoke, can only say these things to the one who smokes that’ O friend, smoking is injurious, therefore, shun this practice. He cannot snatch and fight for these things. He cannot break or throw this material which has been bought by spending his own money and neither he can make him listen stern words. Actually, this sagacity is to be shown by the person who is smoking.
Remember, smoking not only invites a few minimum diseases but also by inviting many deadly diseases it is successful in making the concerned person go from this world to the hell and is succeeding, too. It is also clear from this that by smoking, we are not developing ourselves but destroying and want holocaust for ourselves.
Last year, according to a report published in the British medical journal, Smoking can make a person go blind but enough efforts have not been made to let people be aware of it. It has been found from the research done by American experts that in Ireland, the ban on smoking in Pubs and restaurant, imposed for six months, reduced the number of people visiting the hospitals due to heart attack by 40 percent as compared to that prior to it. It is clear that by banning the smoking it is possible to reduce the number of heart attacks.
In a detailed survey, in Norway, the scientists had confirmed that there is a danger of multiple Cirrhosis. With reduction in eyesight, paralysis and tiredness are its symptoms. The researchers also said that after getting infected with the disease, the danger of the disease does not reduce even after leaving smoking. Therefore, the smokers are strictly required to stop smoking and make a safe distance from smoking in future i.e. should not smoke.
Among 198 countries showing health warning on the packets of tobacco and cigarettes, India’s position is 136th. This has been made known in the 2014’s international condition report for cigarette packet health warning. The representative of WHO, Hank Bekedum said in a statement that ‘Due to tobacco related diseases, Indian economy suffers losses to the tune of 1,04,500 Rupees whereas there are 10 lakh deaths in the country’. Advocating the bigger size of the health warnings on the tobacco products, he said that it is known from the past experiences that it is an effective remedy of increasing the awareness among the people about the losses to the health due to the use of tobacco.
According to the research done in Washington, ‘within a few minutes of the first puff of smoking, by damaging your genes it makes you a victim of cancer like diseases. The smoking affects your genes so fast as if it has been mixed in your blood directly’. It has been said as stark warning for the smokers in the research. This research has been published in the magazine ‘chemical research in toxicology’ on behalf of American chemical society.
This is the first research on the humans about the effect of tobacco on DNA. In the recent times, the scientists, with the help of 12 smokers, have found out about the pollutants PAH coming out of the smokes of cigarettes etc. As per the research, they studied a pollutant fenantheron found in the cigarettes. They found that after mixing in blood, it harms the DNA and that may cause Cancer.
According to the study, the level of this pollutant among the smokers, increased so fast that even the scientists were surprised. It got made, inside them, with in the 15-30 minutes of smoking. The chief researcher Stefan Heist has to say that this research is unique in itself.
The smoke of tobacco is a reason of death of millions of people every year. Among most of them, the reason of death is either heart stroke or paralysis. The average age of those who smoke before the completion of 25 years of their age, is reduced by 10 years. This means that the possibility of living reduces to 55 from 65 years. Its tragical aspect, too, is that the heart and mind problems occurring due to this, gulps the most golden years of the human being. First of all, lung Cancer occurs the most due to this.
The chances of this type cancer to those who smoke are 10 times more than those who do not .
As it is detected very late, so 95%people die. According to the WHO (world health organization) ‘there are about 6 million people who are dying due to smoking and out of this most of the deaths are occurring in the countries with low and medium income. Last year, WHO has said in a report in Panama in a conference that if this continues like this, then, in year 2030, every year, the number of people dying due to smoking will increase to 8 million.

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