Dog menace haunts people in Jammu

Balwant Singh Bhau


With over one lakh stray dogs prowling in Jammu city alone and number of people been bitten from last five years, the canine-human conflict has become a routine in the city.

“The dogs have become very dangerous; every locality caters thousand dogs in Jammu where there is every possibility that they can attack human beings,” said local Neeraj adding that the casualty is children and women, though men are also bitten by these stray packs. It is heartening and disturbing when you are treating a child who has been mauled by these dogs.

 “I don’t think government is serious enough to curb this menace, every single day dog bite cases are referred to hospitals and people are helpless because one doesn’t have any such mechanism to stop dog biting,” he said.

For many years dogs have come up three fold of their population, where there is no specific plan to stop their population.

The number of births may increase upto 10 puppies. So, dog population grows 6 times more than human beings where the gestation period is 9 months and one child on an average is born.

While the alarming increase in the population of stray dogs is giving sleepless nights to the residents, the authorities seem helplessness in controlling the canine menace.

JMC official, wishing anonymity said that the dog population is definitely increasing. There are more than 40000 dogs in Jammu city alone. “We cannot catch them at once, we are on the process of sterilization but I think that is not enough, we have to make an extra effort to uproot this menace. Government has to think about it as there is a blanket ban on killing of dogs,” he said.

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