Dogra Front and Shiv Sena take out procession

The workers of Dogra Front and Shiv Sena (AG) under the leadership of Ashok Gupta took out a procession in the city demanding the talks with the real stakeholders of the state and not the Hurriyat as stated by the all party delegation.
According to the constitution the stakeholders are those who are fighting the elections or any representatives of the political parties.
He stated that the all party delegation met with the President of india in regardance of the talks with the stakeholders of the state. But Mr Gupta raised a question that upon whom the all party delegation is indicating as the stakeholders is it the Hurriyat leaders towards they are indicating.
The Hurriyat is not a stakeholder of Kashmir as they are merely the puppets on the hands of Pakistan who are doing the anti national activities.
He further stated that since the death of Burhan wani there has been a complete shutdown of the legislation in the state as the secretariat is not working and due to that the region of Jammu and Ladakh are also suffering. The secretariat should be shifted to the Jammu region so that the state can function and the people who have been elected from Jammu should work for the Jammu region as the agenda of alliance of development should not be compromised.
The people who are financing these stone pelters should be caught as the back bone of any activity is the money and if these miscreants are locked up than the stone pelters would not have any reason to do violence and than the region of Kashmir can return to normal.

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