Dogra Front holds protest against non-availability of ration

The workers of Dogra Front under the leadership of President Ashok Gupta took out a protest in the city here against the CAPD department for non-availability of ration by carrying empty utensils in there hands.
While speaking on the occasion, Ashok Gupta said that the department of CAPD has been taking such decisions which instead of providing any relief to the poor population, have been creating more problems for the already suffering people.
The flour has not been supplied in the rural areas since long and people were suffering due to the non availability of the essentials.
He further said that the people are already suffering due to hike in the prices of food items and the Government, instead of taking effective steps to control the prices, is taking one decision after the other which directly affect the poor people.
In an appeal to Parvez Dewan ( Advisor to Governor) Mr Gupta stated that the distribution of the ration system should be improved and rather the distribution of the ration should be handed over to some private retail chain the way it has happened in Gujarat.
Mr Gupta warned the people who are involved in the act of black marketing that if this unlawful process is not stopped then Dogra Front will take the matter in its hands and the consequences will be on the shoulders of the department and the culprits. The CAPD Department must issue new ration cards so that black marketing can be finished.
Ashok Gupta further demanded rationalization of ration scheme depending upon individual member of each family instead of keeping it based collectively on family unit. He added that in case the administration has already implemented this individual based scheme in certain areas, it should be extended uniformly throughout the State.
He demanded a check on the rising prices and constitution of flying squads to raid the dumping houses of the hoarders, black marketers and implementation of Food Security Bill.
The party workers who were present at the time of protest were Suresh, Vikas, Geeta, Veena, Taro, Abhishek and several others.

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