Dogra Front & Shiv Sena holds protest, discuss highlights issue

OIC nations on the India Pakistan border by Pakistan. It is an attempt by Pakistan to sell a narrative that the Muslims in Kashmir are being disgruntled and being threatened by all sorts of human rights violations.The workers of DOGRA FRONT & SHIV SENA under the leadership of president Mr. ASHOK GUPTA took out a rally along with Muslims to give an answer to OIC shouting slogans against Pakistan and stating that we are first Indians and then Muslims and Pakistan is selling a fake narrative. The Muslims in the protest stated that Pakistan is a terror nation and India is an heaven for us as all the religions in here treat each other with respect and OIC is being eyewash by Pakistan and their people are being beaten and their religious places are being broken. Mr. Gupta stated that Pakistan is a failed nation as most of its population is living in poverty the literacy rate is very low. Inflation is at its peak and the nation doesn’t even have the basic resources of healthcare for its people. Pakistan only understands the language of bullets and war and if the terror nation decides to have a war with India it will be bankrupt. The party people who were present at the time of protest were Abhishek, Birbal, Lovely, Sukhdev, Lucky, Prem, Vikky, Bantu, Fauji and various others were present.