Dogra Kranti Dal seeks apology from RDD Minister

Dogra Kranti Dal activists held a demonstration in Udhampur against the large scale irregularities and frauds in Rural Development Deptt (RDD) and loot of MG-NREGA funds by corrupt officials. The protestors sought stringent action against the dishonest officials of the Deptt. who had swindled the MG-NREGA and other funds in various Panchayats including Chore Panjian, Sunetar, Badhole, Sail Kori Bair etc but were allowed immunity by the Deptt. despite proven frauds.
Addressing the protestors, Kailash Mohan provincial President of Dogra Kranti Dal said that an unholy nexus between the corrupt officials and mates in several Panchayats had led to huge pilferage of funds meant for development of the rural poor. He said that the Rural Development Minister had admitted yesterday in Udhampur meeting that the RDD was the most “notorious” and ‘Chor’ Deptt. but regretted that none had been penalized despite several established cases of frauds. He said that yesterday’s statement of the said Minister is duly covered in today’s local newspapers but has remained confined to papers only.
Making a particular mention of Ravinder Singh, a GRS, working in Khoon Block of District Udhampur who tendered resignation alleging large scale corruption in the Deptt., he said that it should be an eye opener for the Deptt.
He said that Ravinder Singh had even threatened to commit suicide as reported by his family members due to persistent threats received by him from his corrupt colleagues who forced him to sign fake and fictitious bills. He mentioned that Ravinder Singh had mentioned in his resignation that he was forced to resign as he was unable to cope with the pressures of corrupt officials and life threats issued by them as also by their relatives who often intruded into his office ridiculing him for his honesty besides hurling threats on him. He regretted that no action had been taken against the two employees including a technical Assistant and a VLW of Block Khoon whose scandals had been exposed by the said Ravinder Singh.
Strongly condemning the response of the RDD Minister in yesterday’s meeting that, Mr. Ravinder Singh had tendered resignation under the influence of liquor, Parduman Singh General Secretary Dogra Kranti Dal said that it amounted to insult of an honest official of the Rural Dev Deptt. He regretted that the Minister had been ill-informed by the corrupt officers in a bid to protect their stooges in the Deptt.
Seeking apology from Minster for humiliating an honest employee, Dogra Kranti Dal activists said that they would continue their crusade till corruption was rooted out from MG-NREGA, a noble scheme named after the father of nation and till justice was ensured to Ravinder Singh. The DKD activists appealed to social and political organizations to join the fight against corruption launched by a govt employee who sacrificed his Job for his ideals.

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