Donald Trump’s campaign manager won’t face battery charges

Donald Trump’s campaign manager won’t be prosecuted for battery after briefly grabbing a female reporter’s arm at a campaign event, but prosecutors have said the situation might have been avoided with two simple words: I’m sorry.

State Attorney Dave Aronberg said at a news conference there wasn’t enough evidence to justify bringing misdemeanor simple battery charges against Corey Lewandowski for the March 8 dustup with Michelle Fields, then a reporter for the conservative Breitbart News website. Although Lewandowski’s act wasn’t criminal, Aronberg said there may have been an easy way to defuse things. “In a case like this we do encourage an apology. Had an apology been given at the beginning of all this, we could have avoided the whole criminal justice process,” Aronberg said. Although police in Jupiter, Florida, found enough probable cause to charge Lewandowski last month after viewing a video recording of the encounter, Aronberg said prosecutors are held to a higher legal standard. “We have the burden of proving each case beyond a reasonable doubt,” he said. In a Thursday night appearance on “Hannity” on Fox News, Lewandowski thanked Trump for supporting him and said the decision to drop the charges was a relief.

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