‘Don’t cry discrimination, Kashmir would tomorrow ask about IIM’

Pardeep Singh Bali

Lawmaker of ruling Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) today accused the government of adopting ‘discriminative’ approach towards Jammu region by giving special treatment to Kashmir with regard to establishment of an institute of physical education.

BJP leader and former PHE minister-Choudhary Sukhnandan in a written question asked the government about its plan to sanction Physical Education College at Jammu. Replying to the question, minister for Youth service and Sports, Imran Ansari lambasted BJP leader for crying “discrimination” in the non-sanctioning of physical of education for Jammu region. The Minister in response said that no such proposal was on cards to sanction the Physical Education College for Jammu.

The reply by the Minister infuriated the BJP legislator who termed it as “discrimination” with Jammu people. “Because only one such college presently exists in the state that too at Srinagar,” he said. Ansari confronted back the BJP legislator by saying that it was not suitable for a legislator to cry discrimination on the floor of the House.

He said that the Physical College of Education at Ganderbal which was built in 1976 was not functioning completely. “The government can think of opening another such college after it functions fully,” he said.

Ansari said that calling it discrimination will send a wrong signal outside. “Don’t make it an issue now by calling it discrimination on the floor of the House. It will send a wrong message outside about the government .You should not make such insinuations again,” the minister said.

Sukhnandan continued to disrupt the Minister by continuing his argument of discrimination with the Jammu people.  He said many of the students from Jammu region had to move outside state for pursuing physical education. “Our children from Jammu in the absence of Physical College had to move to outside states which costs them a lot add to it inconveniences,” he said.

Visibly furious, the minister replied, “if you continue to cry discrimination, then people in Kashmir will  tomorrow ask why IIM has not be set up here.” Meanwhile Independent Legislators Er Abdul Rashid and Mohammed Yousuf Tarigami also joined and objected to the BJP legislator for crying discrimination. NC legislator Mohammad Akbar Lone also stood up from Opposition Bench and asked the BJP MLA to stop from making argument on discrimination with Jammu region.


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