Don’t read constitution so fastidiously

Dear Editor,
I feel that one should not read our Constitution so fastidiously. Provocatively worded statements, even if true, cannot be camouflaged as free speech. If inconvenient speech or writing under the garb of free expression can go unpunished, there is the risk of virulent and vituperative expressions also enjoying the same protection.
Free speech, even if it is a fundamental right, needs close monitoring as no fundamental right can be misused. If a false statement needs to be dealt with firmly, a defamatory false statement must also be treated with greater rigour. The judgment of the Supreme Court is right as our society cannot afford unrest on such issues. The writer has defended free speech in the name of democracy and individual civil liberties. However, community and group rights, which he calls notional, are fully ignored. The individual right of the person being defamed has also been ignored. New age politicians leave no stone unturned in maligning an individual for political mileage while the media falls back on unverified news and sources.
Nihal Singh
Digiana, Jammu

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