DoPT should regularly auto-update

Dear Editor,
Department of Personnel & Training (DoPT) had made a very useful subject-wise compilation of all Office-Memorandums (OMs), notifications and circulars issued by DoPT relating to RTI Act in the year 2013. DoPT on its website incorporate such a subject-wise compilation permanently in a manner that it may be auto-updated with any new addition of OM, notification and circular relating to RTI Act.
Central Information Commission (CIC) should also provide a link of the suggested DoPT compilation on its new-coming website. CIC in its new website should incorporate a subject-wise compilation of all verdicts relating to RTI Act from Supreme Court and various High Courts. This compilation should also be regularly auto-updated with any new court-verdict incorporated on such a link.
These two features will be advantageous for all concerned ones including public-authorities, petitioners and even Information Commissioners at the centre and in states. Compilation of auto-updated court-verdicts will even be very useful for judges and lawyers dealing with RTI matters.
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba Delhi 110006 (India)

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