Dr Omkar injects the First Injectable Inactivated Polio Virus Vaccine at SDH Hiranagar

As per the guidelines of Hon’ble Health Minister Bali Bhagat, Block Medical Officer Hiranagar Dr Omkar Nath today inaugurated First Injectable Inactivated Polio Virus Vaccine (IIPVV) in Medical Block Hiranagar.

Along with BMO Hiranagar, Dr Guru Prasad Sharma was also present there.

While expressing his views Dr Omkar Nath said that, we can inject IPV vaccine on the right thigh of a child on his third visit to the immunization center while taking Oral Polio Vaccine.

Doctors provide Oral Polio Vaccine by giving 2 drops to the child and now IPV will provide double protection to the child from Poliomyelitis. It is pertinent to mention here that this is not the new vaccine but used in practice since long. However implemented under Government sector now and launching of IPV in Jammu Kashmir was done by Hon’ble Health Minister Bali Bhagat only few days ago.

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