‘Dr Paul’s’ introduces hair Density Improvement

New Delhi, December 5
Dr Paul’s, known for treating hair loss as well as a number of scalp disorders, has pioneered the first of its kind Density Improvement Program (DIP) to increase hair volume and as an effective means of treating hair loss. The program represents a unique combination of nutritional programme along with state of the art technology to form a powerfully integrated solution to hair restoration. The high level of advancement of this program ensures that results are visible within a short span of 90 days.
The problem of hair loss is increasing by the day and more people are opting for hair transplant solutions. Although the market offers numerous hair transplant methods they are not necessarily holistic in terms of either advanced technology or customized solution tailored for an individual. The pioneering treatment introduced by Dr Paul’s clinic aims to bridge this gap, involving both of these elements making it a complete solution to the problem of hair transplant. The two-pronged approach includes the revolutionary essential combination of two major treatment procedures namely Hair Growth Accelerator (HGA) Follicular Unit Extraction and Cyclical Nutritional Programme for hair restoration.
HGA (Hair Growth Accelerator) Follicular Unit Extraction is a process which is minimally invasive, highly effective and offers shortest recovery in terms of days instead of weeks as is in the case of other traditional hair transplant processes. A tiny cut is made in the skin around each unit (four hairs), thereby separating and extracting it from the scalp. Each extracted follicular unit is then harvested in Hair Growth Accelerator Solution along with other units until the surgeon has collected all the units (hairs) required for hair transplantation.
Cyclical Nutritional Programme for hair restoration treatment is customized as per individual need. A prescription is prepared basis of one’s Hair DNA Report, hair loss history, hair type and condition, their scalp condition, and specific hair restoration goals. The ingredients are individually formulated creating unique treatments for each. The Density Improvement Program (DIP) focuses on creating a personalized hair restoration regimen using specifically tailored products and topical solutions, including shampoos and styling products. This programme is as good as a boon for anyone planning to undergo any type of hair restoration surgery and is quite reasonable priced. Quick recovery time from HGA FUE Hair transplant surgery is one of its many benefits along with fast improvement from Cyclical Hair Restoration Therapy ensures that results are typically seen in as little as 90 days when treating hair loss or specific scalp conditions. Considering the pervasive nature of androgenic alopecia, it is likely that the one may have to undergo successive surgeries in the future as hair degenerates over time.
The Density Improvement Program is designed to retain the health of the hair follicles and arrest baldness or delay it in these cases and hence becomes one of the most effective solutions for hair transplant available in the country today.

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