Dr Raghuram G Rajan is Indian citizen

Dear Editor,
At last Reserve bank of India has removed confusion about citizenship of its Governor
Dr Raghuram G Rajan after three years of filing an RTI petition dated 16.08.2013 filed on basis of a news-report dated 12.08.2013 raising doubt about the citizenship.
RBI has revealed that present citizenship of Dr Raghuram G Rajan is Indian, and it has no knowledge about his earlier citizenship.
RTI petition kept transferring amongst several public-authorities finally reached RBI on 11.05.2016 after CIC-hearings against Union Cabinet Secretariat took place on 30.03.2016 and 25.04.2016.
It is significant that Union Cabinet Secretariat kept such simple information under secrecy awaiting directions for transfer of queries by Central Information Commission that too when there were always speculations and confusions about citizenship of Dr Raghuram G Rajan.
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