Drinking water the correct way!

Feb 16:Yes, we all know the amazing benefits of water. But, did you know the correct timing and the right way to drink this priceless crystal-clear blue water?
In general, we have been asked to take 8-12 glasses of water a day. Knowing the art of how and when to drink water will not only provide benefits, but also maximise its effectiveness on the body.

The correct way to drink water:

Drink two glasses of water as soon as you wake up in the morning. This will help flush out toxins from your body that have accumulated all night.
Drink one glass of water 30 minutes before meals to help in digestion.
Drink one glass of water before taking a bath to help lower your blood pressure.
Do not wait until you are thirsty, but keep sipping throughout the day to keep your body hydrated.
Drink water before and after your workouts – you need to drink more as you exercise and when it’s hot.
Drink one glass of water an hour before going to bed. This will help replenish the fluid loss during the day.
Drinking water before or after going out in public can be beneficial to your body in preventing certain types of viruses.
Pregnant women should take lots of water as they need additional fluids to stay hydrated.

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