Drones and CCTV Cameras to be Installed in Non-Kashmiri Colonies

After the targeted killing in Kashmir, a new security system will be implemented. Police, Army, CRPF and other agencies will together prepare an integrated system. Under this, drones and CCTV cameras will be installed in non-Kashmiri colonies. It will have a control room in one place and keep an eye on suspicious people or activities in those colonies. Along with this, barricading and patrolling will be increased in the said areas. In addition, additional personnel of the intelligence wing will be deployed in sensitive areas of Kashmir.


Security agencies will strengthen their intelligence system in Kashmir. In this, the local people of Kashmir will be included, and they will be linked with them. Sources say that on October 23, in Kashmir, Home Minister Amit Shah held a meeting with the officials of security agencies and asked them to strengthen the security.


Under the new system, round the clock, electronic surveillance in sensitive areas, better intelligence network, more vital patrolling in cities, roads and highways, more barricading and security bunkers will be the key features of the new security system to prevent entry and exit of terrorists.