Drug Inspectors raid chemist shop

A team of Drug Inspectors, raided the premises of M/s City Health Center situated opposite Shiv Mandir, Tirath Nagar, Tallab Tillo, in connection with investigation of a complaint lodged by Jammu Chemists Association alleging indulgence of firm in unethical trade practices by adopting online sale of drugs to end users.
During inspection, it was found that the firm was operating for M/s www. Med-x.in, which is an online shop for sale of medicines. It was observed that the firm has been operating for some time in such internet business of medicines.
The modus operandi adopted by the vendor revolved around receiving orders placed before www. Med-x.in, by intending customers through Whats-app and executing the same by arranging medicines locally. The genuineness of prescriptions as also other legal provisions mandated for sale of scheduled medicines under the Drugs & Cosmetics Act were being violated by vendor.
The indulgence of the firm in such practice can have serious health consequences besides endangering human lives, issues related to pharmacovigilance, product recalls, compromise of storage conditions and also strict control over intoxicating / addictive drugs can get totally ignored.
The inspecting team collected all relevant material evidence from the premises and also seized the computer system of vendor for ascertaining extent of violations. The operations of shop have been disallowed. Pamphlets & promotional material have also been seized by the inspectorate staff.
Further action in the matter is likely to follow after completing the preliminary investigation in the matter.

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