Drug lords selling highly sedative ‘Minar” openly

Vishal Sharma

If the manner in which a highly sedative drug code name ‘Minar’ is being sold across Jammu region is an indicator, Jammu police has completely failed to eradicate the menace of drug addiction.


Such is the level of inefficiency that drug is being sold openly with police watching haplessly. From school going kids to pupil in their twilight years all are using this drug.


What next to story tragic is that it is readily available in the market sold at extremely high prices and that’s too on the shops located in the vicinity of police station across Jammu City.


The police despite being repeatedly apprised about the sale and consumption of this drug has turned a blind eye deliberately.


The one who is making millions out of this trade is either working in connivance with police or has the blessings of someone sitting at the top.


Commonly known as ‘Minar’ among its consumers, this licensed drug comes in sachets under the name and style ‘Tarang Manuka Yukta Shivamrut’ having some narcotic laced with hallucinogenic substance. Most of the youth especially the student fraternity of Jammu has become addict of this cheap drug which is affordable to purchase, safe to carry and even unknown to their parents as the company claims it as an ‘Ayurvedic Medicine’.


The Indore based company ‘Tarang Pharma’ is the manufacturer of this drug who as per sources is banned in many states of India and is also facing several cases under Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act. In 2009 the preparation of this company was also sent to a forensic laboratory for chemical analysis in Pune which confirmed the presence of the contraband in that.


The drug is being sold at a higher price of Rs. 20 to Rs. 40 than its MRP of Re 1 and is being sold at various Pan Houses and Kiosks situated in different corners of the Jammu city. The sellers or suppliers sell ‘Minar’ only to their confident or regular customers who in turn also sell it to their colleagues at additional higher rates.


In a comprehensive investigation carried out by Newspoint bureau over the issue several kiosks and Pan Houses were caught selling the same drug under the code name ‘Minar’. The major spots where it is being sold included Narwal (Truck Stand), Rajive Nagar, Jewel Chowk, Gummat Chowk, Harki Poudi, Nai Basti, Kacchi Chawani and Railway Station.


The table of content on the Tarang packet (in possession of Newspoint) states 9 different components like manuka (rajence) 0.18 grams, trifala 0.06 grams, sonat 0.03 grams, black pepper 0.03 grams, jaggery 0.12 grams, salt 0.02 grams, black salt 0.02 grams, vijaya 0.20 grams, kajjur (date) 0.18 grams and sugar 0.16 grams, but does not mention marijuana which as per sources is the major constituent in ‘Minar’.


If sources are to be believed the company after its banning from most of the states has pushed all its illicit production in Jammu after seeing its increasing drug addict population and via silent routes and channels has also marketed some other products namely ‘Ayurvedic Mango Churan’, ‘Trailok Vijaya Vati’, ‘Tarang Faladi Churn’ in sachets. “All the narcotics are laced with ganja, bhang, or both and are being”, sources added.


When contacted the SP headquarters, R C Kotwal, who is the District Nodal Officer of “ANANDD” (Anti-Narcotic & Drugs) under operation ‘Sanjeevani’, said that they have started their operation from the worst most including Heroin, Brown Sugar, Corex, Chitta etc and are coming down towards the tobacco related products. He further said that he has no knowledge of ‘Minar’ but assured of appropriate action over the issue within couple of days.


While the excise department on consulting regarding the matter said that they are mainly associated with the charging to Toll and with checking of liquor being transported to the state. Department further said they use to seize the consignments of products banned in the state for which they take help of Drug controller team and others.


On questioned about the ‘Minar’ the officer said that these kind of products mostly comes under ‘Medical’ quota due to which most of the time they remained unchecked.


It’s relevant to mention here that hallucinogenic substance cause their effects by disrupting the interaction of nerve cells and the neurotransmitter serotonin. Distributed throughout the brain and spinal cord, the serotonin system is involved in the control of behavioral, perceptual, and regulatory systems, including mood, hunger, body temperature, sexual behavior, muscle control, and sensory perception.



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