Drug menace

Dear Editor
The issue of alcoholism and drug addiction among the youth is an area of serious concern for our society. This is not only spoiling the youth, but it’s long term effect on next generation is beyond imagination, why I am telling next generation it is because young girls and boys at tender age are in habit of taking drinks for fun and with time it has become an fashionable habit. As per recent medical reports if you start taking alcohol at young age it affects your liver and if consume more than 50 ml daily it weakens your liver and at later age chances of developing liver cirrhosis and other liver diseases. We forget that our body is not meant for such kind of habits. This addiction to alcohol and to some extent to drugs in metro cities Punjab and north east states has become an epidemic unless controlled it can spread in entire nation and shall be harmful for national development and growth.
Your’s truly
Shubankar Bakshi

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