Duggar Manch staged Dogri play “Panch Parpanch”

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Jammu Tawi, May 30


Duggar Manch in collaboration with J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages, Jammu staged a Dogri play “Panch Parpanch” at Abhinav Theatre, here today. Play was written and directed by an eminent playwright-director Mohan Singh. The play was intelligently knitted thought provoking and was unique in its format and content.

Writer boldly but decently exposed all this in a very innovative way. This way a strong message of self realization is floated for the building of spotless society. Human values are being marginalized day by day. Money, muscle and political powers are dominating factors in present era. Nobody bother to listen the voice of his inner self. Exploitation is being done by the shrewd politicians and so called preachers.

Mohan Singh, Janak Khajuria, Sushma Rani and Vinay Sharma were in leading roles, supported by others. Sound effects were engineered by Pritam Katoch and lights effect was given by Suraj Ganjoo. Set and make-up was done by Shivdev Singh and costumes were designed by Janak Khajuria and Shiv dev Sushil.

Play was appreciated by one and all and demanded its more performances by the spectators so that a strong message of self realization can reach the every nook and corner of the society. Duggar Manch again proves its commitment towards the building of quality Dogri theatre through this performance.

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