Earthquake warning goes missing

Jammu and Kashmir is located in Seismic Zone-V. A speculation has terrified that an earthquake of magnitude 8 and above is likely to hit the state. There is grave threat of imminent large scale earthquake. According to latest geological mapping study, a major quake of magnitude 8 or greater, may strike Jammu and Kashmir, endangering the lives of as many as a million people.
Scientists have known about the Reasi fault in Jammu and Kashmir, but it was not thought to be as much as a threat as other, more active fault systems. They said a major earthquake at the fault could have a huge impact on Jammu, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir, which has a population of about 1.5 million people.
In this regard, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) member Major General N.C.Marwah also called on Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti. He told the Chief Minister that Reasi fault near Jammu has been building up pressure for sometime, suggesting that when it does release or slip, the resulting earthquake may be large and of the magnitude of 8.0 or greater.
Sensing alarm from the report, Governor N.N.Vohra has urged Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti to take personal cognizance and take time bound steps to reduce earthquake vulnerability. In a letter written to Chief Minister, Governor N.N.Vohra has cautioned the state not to take the threat lightly. He has asked the state to take learn from earthquake during 2005 and September 2014 flood when the government was totally unprepared to meet natural calamity, which caused considerably loss of lives in property.
The state government in seeking technical and financial assistance from NDMA in capacity building for efficient disaster management in J&K should depute teams from the State Disaster Recovery Force (SDRF), Civil Defence, NCC and even students for hands on training in disaster management. As per past record, state like J&K is ill equipped to meet any natural calamity and have failed to immediately come to the rescue of victims, causing immense damage to property and lives.
Governor is very much right to pinpoint shortcoming of the government and take precaution measures well in advance to meet any eventuality. Though the state government has formulated a State Disaster Management Plan (SDMP) which covers the entire range of the disaster management and disaster risk reduction and recovery activities covering the entire state, but seeing lethargic administrative machinery of the state nothing concrete can be expected in case of eventuality.
There is no doubt that the quake cannot be forecast but the state government can only take the precautionary measure by regularly reviewing its disaster preparedness and conducting mock drill in each district of the state to minimize loss in
case of quake.

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