Eat almonds everyday to boost your health!

Feb 24: If you are among those who love almonds, here’s a piece of good news for you. As per a new study, eating a handful of almonds on a daily basis can improve a person’s diet quality.

Researchers from University of Florida in US also said suggest that almonds may have numerous lifelong health benefits.

In the study, researchers studied the effect that the addition of almonds can have on a person’s diet quality, based on data collected from 28 parent-child pairs living in North Central Florida.

During the research, parents were instructed to eat 1.5 ounces of whole almonds each day during the three-week intervention portion of the research period and the children were encouraged to eat half an ounce of whole almonds or an equivalent amount of almond butter each day.

Researchers were interested in studying the addition of almonds into three- to six-year-old children’s diets, because encouraging healthy eating habits during early childhood can have numerous lifelong benefits.

The researchers believed that the parents and children were replacing salty and processed snacks with almonds during their study.

Researcher Alyssa Burns said that the habits a person has when he is younger are carried into adulthood, so if a parent is able to incorporate almonds or different healthy snacks into a child’s diet, it’s more likely that the child will choose those snacks later on in life.

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