Eco Friendly Diwali

Sensing the increasing air and noise pollution in the city, right minded people across the city preferred to celebrate eco friendly Diwali, which brings unmatchable excitement and celebratory spirit. Celebrating eco friendly Diwali with friends and family has its own charm.
It is hardly surprising that the Supreme Court’s ban on firecrackers in residential areas during Diwali is observed only in the breach and the ban suffers from near total lack of implementation.
The right to burst crackers and fireworks has become an intrinsic part of Diwali festivities and only a killjoy would forcibly prevent citizens from celebrating the way they wish.
The campaign for a green Diwali has had much success, one in which schoolchildren have played a leading role. In these days of Swachh Bharat an eco-friendly Diwali need not mean a dampener on the festival mood. Rather it should be an informed choice, given the heightened civic consciousness that exists today.
WHO has estimated that those exposed to more than 80 dB of noise pollution for more than eight hours can suffer from hypertension and even cardiovascular disease. The effects of air pollution on Diwali have been documented in the spike in asthma-related illnesses on the day.
While the right to celebrate cannot be governed by legislative fiat, it is important that on a day when all India celebrates, we collectively return to the compassionate joyful spirit of the Festival of Lights instead of making it a day when some are forced to suffer serious health hazards. A festival celebrated with humble diyas and home made sweets have changed to noisy crackers, splurging and decorating houses with electric illuminations. It not only puts an added burden on the environment, but also puts health at stake for a lot of people. Though, the festive spirit should not soften any bit, we should also make sure we keep the proceedings safe, sound and celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali.
Festivals are best celebrated with your closed ones around you. So think of getting your relatives, friends and neighbours at one place and having the festivities going on. This will not only reduce the cost of celebration and amount of pollution as compared to individual celebrations, it will also bring more excitement, closeness and bonding among everyone. It’s best way to celebrate eco-friendly Diwali.
Fire crackers leave the city hazy and littered with paper remains the next morning. Instead of the traditional crackers, opt for eco-friendly products that are made from recycled papers so as to prevent rampant deforestation.
While the electric illumination looks stunning, there is no comparison to the age old diyas. The additional advantage of these diyas is that they are bio-degradable, cost effective and still look traditional and very beautiful. Plus, you can also contribute in saving on electricity consumption that normally reaches sky high during each Diwali.
While it’s a great time for shopping, buy things that are required for the festival. Splurging on unnecessary items will only elevate the budget. Buy less of plastic and use-and-throw decoration items for an eco-friendly Diwali. Instead, try to shop for recyclable material. Also, while cleaning the house before Diwali, restrain from dumping things, instead give the discarded things to the underprivileged people.
Bursting fireworks besides causing air pollution also cause unnecessary noise pollution. Not only firecrackers, people use loudspeakers and musical instruments that cause unnecessary noise. This noise often goes beyond the permitted limit of 125db, which is comparable to the noise of the take-off of military aircrafts!

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