Economically considered- wars, revolutions or confusing statements are always bad business

Serious Study Report By:
Harbans Singh Nagokay
On one side, when PM Modi has already showed his solemnity on the prevailing unrest in Kashmir and is visiting Vietnam on his way to China, well after ‘meeting of minds’ with US and standing now in strong partnership with America, on war against terrorism or Pakistan, on other side, as Kashmir turmoil continues, Ladakh demands separation from valley.
Yes! Thupstan Chhewang, MP, Ladakh, today wrote a letter saying that people of Ladakh now seriously demanding UT status for Ladakh as they are not separatists and want definite relationship with India.
Chhewang; further wrote that we feel stifled at the moment because of the present on-going senseless violence in a part of the State. It is shocking that we have not been involved in any debate or discussion, held both at the State and Central level, for finding a clue to the continuing impasse in the Valley. It has been over 50 days since the Centre has been struggling to contain the violence in the Kashmir Valley, and it seems like Ladakh has finally had enough. As all the political heavyweights are focusing on bringing the peace back to the Valley, demands of secession is gaining ground in Ladakh. At this moment; before things become more complex, through another voice if came from Jammu province, alike on the analogy of then Health Minister Sham Lal Sharma’s statement at Bani, and Sham Lal has been accused of having said that Kashmir / Kashmiris; be given Azadi whereas Jammu Region be made a State of Union of India and Ladakh be made a Union Territory.
People of Jammu & Kashmir, must need to understand & sense something from the underneath lines, narrated by president of India Pranab Mukhrjee.
“Jammu and Kashmir leads the way in the building of a new future for India. Let it set an example to the rest of India and the world by showing how the entire region can be transformed into a zone of peace, stability and prosperity.” At the same time, usefully; Pakistan & separatist controls; must also need to pay their special kind attention on the Modi’s speech on POK & Balochistan etc. One should also not overlook the specific expressions of PM Modi during the special tributes given to our late PM at Tashkent, where Modi, told that the life of Lal Bahadur Shastriji inspires every Indian.
Any destructive mind must also realize that when just over a five feet tall man took over the job of the Prime Minister of India on June 1964 not many thought he would be considered as one of the most dynamic PM this country ever saw by the writers of Indian history. The man who in his term of 2 years as PM of this nation worked day in and day out to make India self-sufficient, A PM who could go to any extent to protect the integrity of his nation. He to this day is considered as one of the bravest PM India ever saw and the man who coined the slogan ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan”. He is none other than Lal Bahadur Shastri.
Pakistan should understand that when the 1965 war broke out between India and Pakistan, Pakistan army was blessed with high-tech artilleries and tanks by the United States. The Patton tanks were a huge boost to Pakistan army since these tanks were modern and soldiers could target Indian soldiers by sitting Inside the tank while on the other hand, India used the native European tanks which were originally used in world war 2 and was absolute no match for the Patton tanks.
However, Indian army did give a befitting reply to Pakistans Patton tanks using the recoilless guns. The war intensified while the world watched to see India being defeated by Pakistan then Indian’s Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri held an emergency meeting with Indian army officers to only boost their morale. The officers were stunned when PM said “Enough, we have only been seeing Pakistan infiltrating into Indian territory and it is now time to show the world our power, I need Lahore and you will get it. I will stand by my nation and answer the international community; You go ahead and capture Pakistan”.
These were the words uttered by a PM who could not see his country bow down in front of anyone. Resulted India won 1965 war. Though! We are no-way, in favour of War or War like; state of affairs. But, when things go beyond tolerance else battles become compulsory for safety of humanity & humans. Then, inhumane must require to be dealt in a like-wise; manner aggressively-&-peacefully (both ways).And, our PM Modi, who seems full of bravery with delighted-courage, will not feel shy over repeating a like-wise catchphrase; saying “Enough, —– —it is now time to show the world our power, I need Lahore ————–you go ahead and capture Pakistan, POK / Baluchistan”.

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