Effective steps must to end corruption

One of the praiseworthy steps taken immediately after coming to power by PDP-BJP government is to take effective steps to end corruption from a state which is at number two position in corruption in the country. Though this ranking is some 11 year old but Jammu and Kashmir continues to be known to the world as second most corrupt in the country. None is ready to believe that system has changed even an inch.

Even late Chief Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed during his short 10 month stint, in a written reply to Legislative Assembly, admitted that corruption is major challenge in the state with various anti-graft agencies having received more than 5,000 complaints. Above all, during his tenure, the government dispensed with the service of its 63 employees against whom there were charges of corruption.

After assuming power, his daughter Mehbooba Mufti has also given indication to weed out corrupted officials. She is of the view that there should be no relaxation towards corrupt and inefficient officers irrespective of being close friends or relatives, responsible for looting public money. The names of large number of officials are pending in vigilance and crime branch with corruption charges.

Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti has to take stern action against concerned departments besides taking suitable action against erring officials at the earliest. A prolonged delay on the part of the enquiry gives chance to the accused to save themselves from being penalized. Moreover according to agenda of alliance, PDP-BJP government has said that it is committed to eradicate corruption from the state and provide corruption free and accountable governance to the people at their doorsteps.

There is no doubt that corruption is a menace and naturally, it would take a long time to provide corruption free government to the people. But maxim like action speaks better than words holds good here. It is regrettable to mention here that all successive governments have done very little on ground to end this menace of corruption.

If the problem of corruption is addressed, several problems being faced by government and public would automatically cease. If the state government ensures corruption free environment, it is going to largely benefit the state which mostly remains cash starved and is seen going with begging bowl to the centre now and then. It needs to be reiterated here that common people are worst victims of corruption.

They face the system almost as a matter of routine. Their life is which gets affected the most due to corrupt and nepotistic system. They are the ones who will feel the change once it takes place anywhere in the system. The government needs to further strengthen the Right to Information (RTI) Act. It is a powerful weapon to end corruption in a state where even talking about ending corruption is considered sin.

Our society is having certain people who want to get their work done by hook or crook and to achieve their goal they indulge in greasing palms of government officials. This tendency has to be curbed from the society. The government has to give teeth to all anti- graft agencies to end corruption while the people has also to cooperate in not indulging in corruption to get their work done.

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