Ekta Kapoor has changed over the years: Iqbal Khan

Iqbal Khan made his TV debut with producer Ekta Kapoor’s show, Kaisa Ye Pyar Hai, in 2005. Later, he also worked in her serials such as Kavyajanli, Kahiin To Hoga and Karam Apnaa Apnaa. Things soured between them for a while, and after nine years, they are working together again. Here, the actor talks to us about his equation with Ekta, the changes he has seen in her, and more.

How is it to work with Ekta again?

It’s a good place to be in. Every show that Ekta does has a certain credibility. I am looking forward to this serial with Mona Singh. It is really different.

There were differences between Ekta and you till a few years ago. Are things fine now?

I never had a problem with Ekta. At that time, most TV shows and production houses, including her company, were not organised. That phase was chaotic, but things have changed now. Producers and channels have brought in more order and balance.

Now, the subjects of serials aren’t all saas-bahu, some are but the majority aren’t. I am not saying we can have radical changes. That won’t happen as our stories have to revolve around a family. The subjects, however, are better now. Ekta is gifted, and knows what the audience wants. Currently, her shows are a mix of urban and rural set-ups. This reflects in the ratings.

Was it awkward meeting Ekta after such a long time?

No, she called me up, and I went to meet her. We had a normal chat, and there was an amazing calmness about her. I felt a huge change in her. The vibe was positive and chilled out. We were both young back then, and have matured now. I would say that she is big now — not just in stature, but in her heart as well. It was good to meet her.


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