Election must for choosing President, Vice-President

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It refers to Prime Minister on Sunday 24.04.2016 at conference of Chief Ministers and Chief Justices of High Courts held at Vigyan Bhawan (New Delhi) giving a thought for reviving holding simultaneous elections to Lok Sabha and state-assemblies. It can be there again by first providing auto-expansion or auto-reduction of term of a state-assembly till six months of Lok Sabha elections in a manner that ultimately time may come when simultaneous elections of Lok Sabha and all state-assemblies may be possible ultimately, a system which was prevalent in the country till 1967-elections to Lok Sabha.

Simultaneous elections can only be possible by adopting permanently Supreme Court verdict in the case ‘UP government (Kalyansingh) vs Jagdambipal’ when for the only time a Chief Minister in the country was elected by secret votes of members of state-assembly in UP. Prime Minister and Chief Ministers should be elected simultaneously with Speaker and Deputy Speaker by all members of the lower House by secret vote through Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) on nomination signed by at least 34-percent members.

Such an elected Prime Minister/Chief Minister may only be removed by a no-confidence motion passed through same procedure but with compulsion to name alternate leader in the same motion. Such a system can alone abolish trend of hung assemblies, mid-term elections and immoral politics presently seen at Uttarakhand.

Reforms are also necessary in elections to posts of President, Vice President (including Lok Sabha Speaker). Post of Lok Sabha Speaker should be upgraded to that of a Vice President. President and two Vice Presidents should be simultaneously elected by all MPs and MLAs in the manner President is elected within three months of Lok Sabha elections. In case of vacancy caused at post of President, a Vice President may be made President for rest of the term.

But in case of vacancy caused at post of a Vice President, an interim Vice President may be elected by MPs only. However in unusual case of none of the three duly-elected persons may be able to hold post of President, fresh simultaneous elections for all the three posts may be held with Chief Justice of India as interim President, without waiting for completion of five-year’ term.



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