Employees’ section moves to Jammu to participate in ‘May day’ rally

To commemorate the International Workers’ Day, also known as May Day, the Employees, Pensioners, Daily wagers and Employees from all other sections marched for Jammu under the banner of All J&K Low Paid Employees Federation, on Saturday.

Before moving for Jammu, the employees and discussed various aspects of World Labour Day.

Expressing his views, District President Kabla Singh highlighted the measures to deal with the challenges of employees in a sustainable manner.

He said that May 1, celebrated as ‘Labour Day’ globally, also known as International Workers’ Day, which commemorates the struggle for an eight-hour working day by workers of Chicago.

But mostly, what we observe is that this day is just a mere holiday when working people get off from their offices and take a break from their monotonous lives, planning outings and gatherings. Most of the labourers lie just below the poverty line. They work for around 10-11 hours a day but hardly earn Rupees 5,000 as a monthly wage. There are clauses in the Constitution, which facilitate the working class but not enforced as the poverty-stricken masses are helplessly bound to work as per the whims and demands of their employers.

“In these circumstances, the government must amend the existing act in the Constitution in line with the rising inflation and should enforce these laws to ensure that all workers and their families get the necessities of life”, he added.

He further said that the employees from all sections are going to Jammu to participate in the rally organised by the federation. Castigating the regimes, he said that employees in J&K are reeling under the sky rocketing price hike due to anti-people and anti-employee policies of the government. He added that previous NC-Congress coalition government criminally neglected and overviewed the hardships and problems of the employees.

“In these circumstances, the new government must amend the existing anti-employee policies and should enforce laws to ensure that all workers and their families get the necessities of life”, he added.

He further added that they are going to organise rally to pay befitting tributes to the May Day Martyrs and to project the demands of the employees before the government.

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