Encouraging philately through educational institutions

Dear Editor,
Postal Department has taken welcome initiative by trying to push philately through educational institutions. Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (MoHRD) should not only include philately in school text-books, but also direct educational-institutions to give philatelic items rather than trophies etc as gifts at functions of educational institutions.
Encouraging philately increases knowledge through commemorative stamps and philatelic items released with release of new commemorative stamps. Revenue earned through sale of philatelic items is a source of net revenue-earning for Postal Department, because stamps with special cancellation on issue of new stamps usually never come in actual circulation.
Postal Department should set up mobile-camps at schools and colleges on experimental basis to further popularise ‘My Stamp’ concept amongst students. Presently students are not taking advantage of attractive scheme because of unawareness, or feeling inconvenience and time-consuming to go to postal-centres with facility of providing facility for ‘My Stamp’.
Postal Department should also introduce a consolidated set of Miniature Stamp-Sheet, First Day Cover, Information Booklet etc issued with release of any new stamp in an attractive gift-pack as philatelic-item. Miniature stamp-sheet should be priced more than total face-value of stamps in it. For extra revenue-earning through philately, it is advisable to always issue set of two or more commemorative stamps in two fixed denominations like say in denominations of rupees 5 and 25 rather than issuing stamps only in denominations of rupees five at any occasion.
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India

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