Encroachment drive by JMC

Several illegal constructions by some unscrupulous elements in somel parts of the Jammu city have come to light.
There are cases where shopkeepers have extended their platforms and numerous structures towards road side causing obstruction in the free flow of vehicular traffic and also creating hurdles to the pedestrians thus leading to traffic jams, and also creating problems in regulating the traffic. Even National Highway has not been spared by vendors and Rehriwala.
Overall encroachments in the city are omnipresent and thriving, much to the discomfort of the ordinary citizen. Though Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) has earmarked Rehrizones for Rehriwala and Fadiwala.
But large number of Rehries are being seen at Gangyal, Gandhi Nagar and Kunjwani Chowk choking National Highway, which is a grave risk of road accident.
In addition, there are also report of several illegal Jhuggies and Kullahs raised by a section of society in the bank of river Tawi and other places of the city.
Though several times the anti encroachment drives have been launched by JMC but after some time the people again intrude the area.
On September 24, based on the directions of Commissioner Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC), Dr Manmohan Singh, a team of enforcement staff led by RS Jamwal (KAS), in an encroachment drive, sealed four shops at Gandhi Nagar. The shops have been sealed under section 8(1) of J&K Control of Building Operation Act, 1988 as these shops were raised in the rear set back area unauthorized and in violation of land use of the area from residential to commercial one.
According to JMC official the said illegal construction seriously effect the planned development of Jammu city and contravenes the zoning regulation.
This step on the part of JMC is welcome and praiseworthy but this is only a tip of iceberg as there are several encroachment cases at various places of the city.
If Jammu city has to be cleared from encroachment then there is need to launch massive drive against the defaulters.
There is urgent need of parking zone at different places of Jammu city so that the people or shopkeepers do not park their vehicles on roads, which is leading to traffic jam at several places.
Above all, coordination between JMC, local administration and police can go a long way to check encroachment in the city.
All government agencies if work in tandem can remove encroachment from Jammu city.
If these agencies ignore the encroachment then definitely it would be very difficult at a later stage to remove encroachment.
It is desirable that both JMC and JDA launch drive to remove illegal construction and structures and also make National Highway free from Rehriwala and Fadiwala.

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