End system of endorsements by elected representatives

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Dear Editor,
It refers to a municipal-councilor in Delhi evading responsibility after she was detected having endorsed ineligible disability-pension form of wife of a retired bank-official by saying that it was responsibility of municipal-authorities to verify eligibility before finally approving
It is significant that there exists a sort of ‘quota-system’ of 750 pensions under various social-welfare schemes in each of the 272 wards of three municipal corporations. South Delhi Municipal Corporation has desired against handing over pension-schemes to Delhi government perhaps in fear of losing ‘right to endorse’ of its councilors, pension-forms for political benefits and/or other reasons.
Media-photographs (AAj Tak) establish that the concerned municipal-councilor even had a photo-opportunity with ineligible couple in regard to the said pension.
A responsible municipal-councilor should have at least been aware about basic eligibility-norms of social-welfare schemes running on public-funds.
Enquiry is necessary in the episode about any political motive of the RTI petitioner having signed pension-form for his wife, because he filed RTI petition with office of Delhi Chief Minister rather than North Delhi Municipal Corporation from where his wife was getting ineligible
In view of subsequent evading responsibility by the said municipal councilor, any system of endorsement by any elected representative including Parliamentarians, legislators, municipal councilors and others on any government-form should be immediately abolished. It will be in interest of elected representatives themselves to avoid embarrassment in case of some ineligible person getting benefit of any government-scheme. Otherwise it will effectively check chances of corruption in recommending/endorsing etc persons for getting benefit of government-schemes.
It may be recalled that system of endorsement in passport-forms by Parliamentarians and state-legislators was started on persistent demand of these elected representatives. But later it was kept merely as formality because Parliamentarians and state-legislators found it troublesome to practically deny any one approaching them for such verification.
1775 Kucha Lattushah
Dariba DELHI 110006 (India)

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