Enslavement of Temporary Workers of Government Super-Speciality and Medical College and Hospitals-Jammu

When; Modi Government Is Concentrating upon ‘All Central Government departments’ to conduct ‘DPC’ meetings of in time to check “abnormal delay” in giving career benefits to employees

A News Coverage By:
Harbans S Nagokay.

Jammu, November 26
In order to reduce adhocism, due to the abnormal delays in convening ‘The Departmental Promotion Committee’ (DPCs) else to fill up the vacant post are lying vacant in various departments. All Central Government departments have been asked to conduct meetings of Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) in time to check “abnormal delay” in giving career benefits to employees. The move comes after noticing cases of delay in holding the meeting of DPC, which decides on employees’ promotions. The Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) has issued instructions to all the departments asking them to ensure timely promotions to the employees by conducting meetings of DPC in time. A model calendar has also been issued by the DoPT in this regard.
At the same time, when both of our state and central governments are putting their every best and serious efforts on removing unemployment from the social orders, an extraordinary approach should be required otherwise from our officials also, so that unemployment should not become a reason for militancy, violence or unsolicited troubles and disorders.
If truth be revealed or accepted, following a famous saying “The groundwork of all contentment is health”and Daily JK News Point; always tried to awaken the Administration about the ailing healthcare system and hospitals of Jammu that has always been found in struggling phase. Especially GMCH and Super Speciality Hospital Jammu, that always remained the talk of town as lack of infrastructure and health consciousness adds more to this agony and state of health affairs of this ignored city of temples. But, when news and stories came about their workers without wages since last about 2 to 3 years, then replies and expiations else big statements etc. started sounding as hollow otherwise, doesn’t found as not guilty about their administrators. Still, as responsible correspondents from
JK News Point else liable pillars of democratic systems, while our everyday jobs are once more to make our officials and chains of command to must remember and remind in this regard, the sayings and working styles of famous personalities like often referred to by his initials FDR (Franklin D. Roosevelt)who was an American statesman and political leader who served as the President of the United States from 1933 to 1945.
An American is being remembered here as according to a report in 2011-12, by a US based development agency, Mercy Corps, has found above or about 50% of educated youths in Jammu and Kashmir,as unemployed and now in FY-2016-17, this number might have been increased. But, an additional problem for our young abilities which are other way working as temporary employees and that too without wages. And, neither officials nor departments (employers) are taking responsibilities toward discharging this obligation of paying their salaries, which is otherwise even below than the MINIMUM WAGES, required.
There are as many as ‘102 Daily Wagers and Need Base workers’ engaged since May-2013, with the inauguration of Government Super Speciality Hospital, an upgraded wing of GMC Jammu, to work under the direct control, supervision and technical supervision of the mechanical engineering wing till now as per the duty roaster assigned for making things operational, maintenances and day to day upkeep of hospital machineries’ used for various essential need there-at. Regrettably, these workers have been made aggrieved by the ill treatment and non-payment of their legitimated wages apparently due to lack of differences coordination and goodwill between the administration and that of mechanical engineering unit. These poor workers have been made to suffer unnecessarily beside felt unwanted humiliated as a result of high headedness of the concernedcontrolling officers, those other way trying to making their engagements as illegal. Sad stories even doesn’t ends here, as officials in a point of fact removed rather thrown out maximum from jobs by levying false allegations and blames etc. And, despite few deaths or suicides, no one is ready to pay any attention toward this dryness, besides the advices-judgements from Honourable Supreme Court, which held that they are entitled to wages at par with permanent employees and principle of ‘equal pay for equal work’ must be followed.
A bench of Justices JS Khehar and SA Bobde said the principle of ‘equal pay for equal work’ constitutes a clear and unambiguous right vested in every employee whether engaged on regular or temporary basis.”In our considered view, it is fallacious to determine artificial parameters to deny fruits of labour. An employee engaged for the same work, cannot be paid less than another, who performs the same duties and responsibilities. Certainly not, in a welfare state. Such an action besides being demeaning, strikes at the very foundation of human dignity,” the bench said.
“Any one, who is compelled to work at a lesser wage, does not do so voluntarily. He does so, to provide food and shelter to his family, at the cost of his self-respect and dignity, at the cost of his self-worth, and at the cost of his integrity. For he knows, that his dependents would suffer immensely, if he does not accept the lesser wage,” Justice Khehar, who wrote the judgement, said.”Any act, of paying less wages, as compared to others similarly situate, constitutes an act of exploitative enslavement, emerging out of a domineering position. Undoubtedly, the action is oppressive, suppressive and coercive, as it compels involuntary subjugation,” this said.
Yes! Constructed under PMSSY ‘AIIMS Type’ 220 bedded Super Speciality Hospital-Jammu; supposed to made functional but in absence of regular staff as many as 62 nos. of temporary workers skilled / unskilled duly as per their qualifications and eligibilities were engaged as ‘Daily Wagers / need-based by the officials of department. But, the wages paid to them were no more than just @ Rs. 150/-per day, since last about four years. But, despite being regular on duties as per the assigned duty roasters under the control and supervision of concerned officials, they were been paid just for few months only and now from the last about 2-3 years, no reimbursements been made to them for unknown reason and they have been used as slaves without salaries and just fake commitments been bestowed upon with further assurances over an early release of their due salaries, besides making them regularised etc.

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